It’s slow-and-go around the company picnic, as it should be. Lots of people crowded in there, surrounded by streamers, and balloons, and volleyball nets that should not be touched or climbed! The company picnic is where everyone should be. Plus, StrexCorp has announced – how exciting is this? – They’ve announced that the company picnic will be continuing on indefinitely!

That the party is so good that they just couldn’t bring themselves to end it! So everyone will live at the company picnic now. In between the streamers, and the balloons, and the tall, electrified metal volleyball nets. They will work there, too! They will work there until all the work is done! Until it is – all of this – finished.

Then, we will truly have been productive! Then, truly, we will have worked hard and played hard!


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 47 - Company Picnic

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  • Into The Ocean

Into The Ocean
by Blue October


"I want to swim away, but don’t know how… Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean…"

Hindsound is 20/20

When I met you,
everything insignificant

Soap bubbles
blew me melodies,

Nail clippers
Tapped to the tune,

The leaky faucet
Splashed a symphony!

When I met you
For the last time,
I took a wrench to the neck
Of the racketing faucet.

Retrospectively, it was always a nuisance.

All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.

Source: Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake (via stxxz)

By the Transitive Property

I’ve discovered the secret to life!
But, it may not be the most likable knowledge, 
And, it definitely does not fall under “small-talk-poetry,”
Yet, it is known that everything-worth-knowing was once considered hideous. 

What am I?
I’m human,
like you.

Like you,
I’m human, 
What are we? 

We are cells, 
Cells made up of molecules,
Molecules made up of atoms, 
Atoms made up of protons and neutrons and electrons. 

The lightest charged particles, 
Who weigh 1836 times less than a proton,
Found a way to rebel.
Repel the nucleic core.
Push boundaries. 
Create space. 

An atom is mostly empty space. 

All of me is composed of atoms, 
All of you is composed of atoms, 
We are mostly empty space.

We are just reflections 
Of this Universe 
Staring back at each other. 


I lived and lost my soul
upon a checkered floor—
chained to the altar
of a sacred church
where the ceilings
are painted with
constellations and
stained glass windows
reveal their secrets
at noon.

I fell in love with a
Jesuit priest—
For him I danced;

Personal Blog

If anyone cares to follow my personal blog that I started just last night, have at it: 

I’m going to try and keep it original content, but I don’t know where it will take me or whether I’ll stick to it just yet. Either way, happy writing and happy Thursday! Oh, and this will still stay my writing blog :) 

Snapshots of Happy Thoughts

I collected our candids 
And tossed them in the air
And as we danced under the 
Photogenic flurry of memories 
We knew that no matter the distance,
We’d be just fine. 

We’d always be just fine. 

  • Little Numbers

Little Numbers
by BOY

seven little numbers
baby, they could be a start.
seven little numbers
baby, i know yours by heart.
little numbers - boy

Creation’s destruction

I wrote a sonnet to the Sun
But it went up in flames.

I etched the ashes on your heart
But your cool blood froze over the remains.

Disintegrated words
Disgruntled author
Disjointed worlds.